Here on Minevictus we have a few guidelines we expect you to consider before playing, it's in yours and the community's best interest to do so.

                                >> We do not condone the following:
                                1. Raiding and griefing in any way, shape or form.
                                2. Using client-side hacks including, but not limited to, x-ray and flight.
                                3. Exploiting glitches and bugs in Minecraft or our plugins.
                                4. Harassing, bullying, and discriminating others etc.
                                5. Advertising other servers or shady third-party services.

Good player behavior is heavily encouraged since we strive to keep up a healthy community. Think before you type in chat. If you feel a player is being an annoyance or harassing others, let a staff member know through /msg, /helpop or Discord.

We ask that you let our staff handle situations, and thank you for doing your part in bringing things to our attention.

How to claim land

It's true that claiming might seem difficult at first, however, after reading this article you will become the Obi Wan Kenobi of claiming. Make sure to read it thoroughly.

While our community is great and most players won't touch other players' builds, it is recommended to create a claim. It's as simple as typing /claim, which will create an 8x8 claim that extends from bedrock to the build height limit. Bigger claims are possible, more information on that can be found below.

The default claim size might be too small once you've been playing for a while. In order to create a bigger claim, you need to accumulate claim blocks which can be earned through in-game reward systems such as voting or welcoming new players.

                                >> Steps for making a bigger claim.
                                1. Hold a golden shovel in your main hand and don't switch between items.
                                2. Right-click two opposing corners of the area you want to claim.
                                3. You can inspect land by right-clicking a stick.


If you want to give someone permission to build on your land, open your chests, or use buttons and levers, that's possible too. To check which players are trusted, do /trustlist.

If you just want someone to be able to use your bed, buttons, and levers, type /accesstrust <player>.

If you want them to also be able to open and take items out of containers such as chests, furnaces, hoppers, shulker boxes etc. type /containertrust <player>

Lastly, there is /trust <player>, which allows the specified player to build. You can also specify public instead of a player to give everyone a certain trust-level.

To revoke a player's access to your claim(s), do /untrust <player>.

Note that each trust-level inherits the previous one. Players that have been /containertrust'ed are also /accesstrust'ed etc.


With every server comes a bunch of commands, we are no different. Under here we've listed what we think are the most used and important commands available.

                                    NOTE: <argument> means required, [argument] means optional.
Deletes ALL your claims.
Deletes a claim.
Lists information about your claims.
/extendclaim <amount>
Extends the claim in the direction you're looking.
/givepet <player>
Transfers your pet to the specified player.
/accesstrust <player>
Grants a player access to your bed, buttons, and levers.
/containertrust <player>
Grants a player access to your chests, crops, bed and buttons/levers.
/trust <player>
Grants a player permission to build.
/permissiontrust <player>
Permits a player to grant other players access.
/untrust <player>
Revokes a player's access to your claim(s).

Subdivisions (Advanced)

Subdivisions are basically claims inside claims. You can set subdivision-specific permissions. Subdivisions will not inherit the permissions of their parent claim, and vice-versa.

That means if I stand inside a subdivsion and /containertrust Notch, Notch will be able to interact with containers inside the subdivision, but not in the parent claim (assuming he isn't also /containertrust'ed in the parent claim).

To get started, simply type /subdivideclaims and claim as usual (but inside your claim). Iron blocks and wool will outline the subdivision in the same way gold blocks and glowstone will outline regular claims.

Available commands

Below are the commands you can execute, keep in mind that not all commands might be available yet. The commands are cumulative meaning Villager can do all of Default's commands, Explorer can do all of Villager's commands etc.

However, Flight, VIP, VIP+, MVP & MVP+ don't inherit commands from any of the other groups besides the default group.


                                    NOTE: <argument> means required, [argument] means optional.
Opens the help menu.
Shows the voting rewards.
Shows the voting links.
Shows different donator perks.
/refer [token]
Retrieve or submit a unique referral token.
/msg <player> <message>
Sends a private message to the specified player.
/reply <message>
Replies to the last person that messaged you.
Manages in-game e-mail.
/ignore <player>
Ignores the specified player's chat messages.
/unignore <player>
Unignores the specified player's chat messages.
Lists the players you're ignoring.
/home [name]
Teleports you to your home, or the specified home.
/sethome [name]
Sets a home to your current location.
/delhome [name]
Removes your home, or the specified home.
/tpa <player>
Requests to teleport to the specified player.
Accepts a teleport request.
/tpahere <player>
Requests the specified player teleport to you.
/tpacancel [player]
Cancels all outstanding teleport requests, or that of the specified player.
Rejects a teleport request.
Teleports you to your previous location.
/warp [warp]
Lists all warps, or teleports you to the specified warp.
/plot auto
Claims the nearest plot for you.
/plot claim
Claims the plot you're standing in.
/plot delete
Unclaims and clears the plot you're standing in.
/plot clear
Resets the plot you're standing in.
/plot visit [player]
Teleports you to your plot, or that of the specified player.
/plot middle
Teleports you to the center of the plot.
/plot info
Displays information about the plot.
/plot add <player>
Allows the specified player to build on your plot only when you're online.
/plot trust <player>
Allows the specified player to build on your plot even when you're not online.
/plot remove <player>
Revokes the specified player's permission to build on your plot.
/plot deny <player>
Denies the specified player from entering your plot.
/plot flag set <flag> <value>
Sets the specified flag and its value.
/plot flag remove <flag>
Removes the specified flag from the plot.
/plot flag list
Lists the possible flags.


/skin <name>
Changes your skin on this server.
/skin clear
Resets your skin to your own.
Opens a crafting table.
Sets the item in your main hand as your helmet.
Opens the cosmetics menu.


Opens your ender chest.


Toggles flight.
/nick <name>
Sets your nickname.
/ptime <time>
Sets your personal time.
/ptime reset
Resets your personal time to that of the server.


/disguise <type>
Disguises yourself as the specified entity.
Undisguises yourself.
Toggles seeing your own disguise.
/speed [type] <amount>
Sets your walking or flying speed.
Opens menu to change your name color.


Toggles flight.
/speed <amount>
Sets your flying speed.


Sets the item in your main hand as your helmet.
Opens the hats menu.


Opens the particle menu.


Opens the pets menu.


Toggles flight.
/speed <amount>
Sets your flying speed.

Voting rewards

For every vote, you earn 100 bonus claim blocks. In addition, you can earn up to 2000 claim blocks for logging on and being active. We like to welcome new players on Minevictus, so whenever you type /spawn after a new player joins, you get 50 bonus claim blocks!

Your votes add up over time, and you'll be able to unlock some cool rewards! The rewards are listed below.

Votes Homes Headgear Particles Pets Flight in the overworld
VIP (32 votes) 4 total
VIP+ (64 votes) 5 total
MVP (128 votes) 6 total
MVP+ (256 votes) 7 total

Staff team

Our staff is online around the clock and around the world to ensure things run smoothly. If you require support and there isn't a staff member online, leave a message in our Discord's #support and we'll respond to you as soon as possible.

Bobcycle's head
Bobcycle (owner)
Apathaya's head
Enolith's head
reptilesrul's head
TauCubed's head

Frequently asked questions

Is keepInv on?
Yes, but don't rely on it as it'll eventually be disabled; it makes the game too easy seeing as we already have /back.
Is fire spread on?
No, this is to prevent players' builds from burning down.
Is there a shopping district?
Yes, a player-made and player-managed one at /warp shops. Be sure to check out /warp tutorial to see how you can create chestshops.
Why is my name grey?
When you vote, it colors your name for 24 hours. To see what other rewards you get from voting, check out the rewards section.
How can I see how many claim blocks I have left?
Do /help and hover over your player head.
How many homes can I set?
By default you can set up to 3 homes, but you can unlock more by donating or voting (see /donate and /rewards respectively).
What's an Eggerino?
It's a turtle egg, place it down and eventually a turtle will hatch. Don't let any mob stand on it or mine it without Silk Touch or it'll break.
How big is the map?
The Overworld is 50,000 by 50,000 blocks with the world border at 25,000 blocks. The End and Nether are both 100,000 by 100,000 blocks with the world border at 50,000 blocks.
Is there a currency?
We don't have a digital currency since we trade with items. We do have chestshops and the currency used for that is emeralds.
Are phantoms enabled?
No, we've decided to disable phantoms because players found them to be really annoying. If you need phantom membrane, a staff member can spawn some phantoms in for you, or you could ask if anyone has any they're willing to trade.